Purchase Request

Purchase Request

A service through which requests for material purchases can be made if materials are not in the libraries.
For information on how to use this service and restricted books, please refer to the following.

※ If you apply for books after being asked by publishers or organizations, purchase of those requested books will be cancelled and you may experience restrictions on your future purchase requests.

How to apply

가로로 스크롤하여 내용을 볼 수 있습니다.
Books(Printed edition)
  • After searching wanted books, click the “Purchase Request” button to apply.
  • If books cannot be searched, specify them at the “Direct Request” menu of the application page.
  • Application status and cancellation: My Library → Requested materials → Purchase request / Cancel
  • 신청 바로하기
eBooks Domestic

[Domestic eBooks Page]

After searching desired books, apply for them via “Purchase Request” menu at the upper right of the eBooks Page.

※ Requested domestic eBooks are gathered and purchased quarterly and individual notice is not given about completion of purchases. (Announcements will be made about lists of purchased books through the library website noticeboard.)


[ProQuest eBooks Page]

After five-minute previews of wanted books, purchase requests can be made.

To make purchase requests, you need to sign up for a membership for “Ebook Central” on campus.

※ After becoming a member, you can access the page from off-campus.


Purchasing process of books (printed edition)

  1. Book request
    Book request
  2. Selection
  3. Order
    Once a week
  4. Acquisition
    1-3 weeks in Korea
    1-2 months overseas
  5. Cataloging
    A week is required.
  6. Borrow
    - Alarm service
    - Stored for three days
  • It takes 1-3 weeks in Korea and about 1-2 months overseas to get requested materials. (The procurement period can vary depending on distribution and delivery conditions.)
  • When requested materials arrive at a library, messages will be sent through Dong-A University alarm service (or text message), and the materials are stored for 3 days at the library on the relevant campus.

Purchase restricted books

  • Books requested by publishers or organizations’ requests
  • Expensive materials or collections
  • Books with unclear author and publishing information assumed copy and pasted
  • Books biased towards specific subjects or religions for limited user bases
  • Personal hobby-related books or books related to timeserving investment and investment techniques
  • Infant and children’s books, middle and high school reference books and personal exam materials
  • Entertainment-oriented cartoons, romantic books, chivalry books or fantasy novels
  • Books whose forms are inappropriate for ownership, such as wirebound books, octavo size and pocketbook size
  • Materials regarded inappropriate for university libraries
※ except materials for academic/ research purposes

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