Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus Access

A service provided to enable off-campus use of electronic resources such as Databases and eJournals provided by the libraries in the same way as on-campus.

Use Guide

  • Available after logging-in to the library website without a separate downloading and installation process.
  • Can be used on most web browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

Basic Use Method

  1. Library website
  2. Login
  3. Check on off-campus access ON
  4. Use electronic resources
  • Library website login
  • Check whether “Off-campus Access” is “On” at the top of the main page before using electronic resources.

For use by directly entering URL

  • Paste before the concerned electronic resource URL.

Inquiries about using electronic resources : 051-200-6272
off-campus access errors : 051-200-6253
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