Document Delivery Service/Interlibrary Loan

Document Delivery Service/Interlibrary Loan

What is Document Delivery Service and Interlibrary Loan?

It is a service which we request copying files or loan to other domestic and foreign libraries for materials not owned by our university libraries.

The requested materials are provided to requesters after they are received through electronic delivery, mail or parcel delivery.

Document Delivery Service Interlibrary Loan
Some parts of materials are copied and provided within the range of not violating copyrights Books owned by other domestic libraries are loaned and provided

Processing process

  1. User
    Document Delivery Service Interlibrary Loan Request
  2. Librarian
    Receipt of application and processing
  3. Librarian
    Arrival of materials (Individual notice)
  4. User
    Visit the library to receive materials

How to apply

  1. Check whether our university libraries own materials
  2. If not, request them at RISS.
    How to Use RISS
※ If materials that you are searching for are medicine and nursing-related or overseas, request them on [Personal Request]

Range of offering

Material type Range of offering
Books Partial copying (Entire copying is not allowed. For entire copying, interlibrary loan service must be requested.)
Theses Partial copying (Entire copying is not allowed.)
  • Thesis-based application
  • For multiple theses of the same volume of serials, request should be made individually

Cost support

Target Subsidy Remark
Professors KRW 100,000 / per person Funding can be ceased early if allocated budget is exhausted.
Part-time instructors, graduate students, researchers KRW 50,000 / per person
Undergraduates KRW 20,000 / per person

Costs of Electronic Document Delivery Service (EDDS)

가로로 스크롤하여 내용을 볼 수 있습니다.
Target Material type Cost KERIS suport Educational expenditure support End-user’s share
Subsidy Period
Professors and graduate students eArticles KRW 12,000 KRW 6,000 1.23~12.18 KRW 8,000 each(can be used within the annual subsidy limit for individuals) Free
Book (partial copying) KRW 12,000
PQDT theses KRW 48,000 KRW 41,000
Overseas theses KRW 143,000 KRW 94,000

※ EDDS can only be subsidized by applying through a librarian.(If you apply without a librarian, you can’t refund the cost.)


  • Materials whose original text can be used at library PC or designated PC (National Assembly Library, National Library of Korea) are excluded.
  • Requested materials are provided only as printouts. (For books, only partial copying is allowed for copyright protection.)
  • Overdue fines, compensations caused by damaged or lost materials, or costs exceeding the subsidy range should be borne by requesters.
  • If requested materials are not received, use Document Delivery Service and Interlibrary Loan.

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