Reading Room

Reading Room Guide

Target and How to use

Target How to use
Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty/ staff, etc.
  • After reserving seats on the mobile system (app.), confirm via the app before use, as follows:
    • Click “Reservation Certification” on the reading room mobile system within 20 minutes of the reservation time. (Bluetooth ON is required for using the beacon.)
    • After having your mobile ID card certified by the ‘KIOSK’ (seat allocator) within 20 minutes of the reservation time, your seat will be confirmed.
  • After using the room, make sure to click “Return” process on the mobile system.
  • Direct seat allocation is possible at KIOSK (seat allocator).

Mobile Seat Allocation(Shortcut)

Service Hours

Library name During semester On Vacation
Mon~Sun, Holidays Mon~Sun, Holidays
Hallim Library 05:00 – 24:00
Bumin Library
Gudeok Library (including Medical Branch Library)

※ For service hours during the test period, refer to website announcements.

Reading room seat allocation status

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