List of Offered eBooks

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DB Name How to use Manual
Integrated eBook
  • Domestic eBooks are provided through the integrated eBooks platform
  • Loan period: 10 books, 14 days
    • Automatically returned on the due date. Items may be renewed only once, unless reserved
  • Smartphone app. installation is required depending on eBook providers.
    • App. names: Kyobo Book Center eLibrary / Yes24 eLibrary / Epyrus eBook Library
    • For the first use, you must access the e-book on the library homepage. (Only
      once is required)
    • Log in to the library homepage → Search for materials → e-book (or e-book on the main page)
Subscription-type ebook
  • Domestic ebooks, audio books, and university textbooks are provided without reservation or waiting through the bookers platform.
  • Loan period: 10books, 28days
    • Automatically returned on the due date.
  • Using PC
    • After previewing the book you want, add it to your library or read it right away.
    • Audio books can only be heard by downloading the app.
  • Refer to the guide for how to use the PC app and smartphone app.
Audien Audio Book
  • Through the Audien Sound Audio Book platform, domestic audio books are provided.
  • Book listening (streaming): unlimited access (no limit to simultaneous accesses)
  • Downloads(loan): unlimited no. of volume, 7 days of loan period
    • Automatically returned on the due date. Extension not allowed. After returning, redownloading is required for more use.
  • Smartphone app.: Audien Library
    • For the first use on a smartphone device, make sure to login on the PC eBook. (Only once is required)
User Guide
EBSCO eBook Collection
  • Foreign eBooks in all subject fields of various publishers are provided.
User Guide
ProQuest Ebook Central
  • Foreign eBooks in all subject fields of various publishers are provided.
  • 5 minute preview of the original text of academic books is provided.
  • Purchase requests can be made after account registration. (limited to faculty members)
User Guide

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