Number of borrowable books and loan period by status

Classification No. of books Period Remark
Undergraduates 10 books 14 days
Graduate students 10 books 30 days
Full-time faculty members 30 books 90 days
Part-time faculty members, Staff 10 books 30 days
Degree course graduates 5 books 14 days Fee KRW 50,000 (2yrs)
Students on leave of absence 5 books 14 days
Employees of Dong-A Board of Trustees 10 books 30 days
Dong-A University Hospital staff 10 books 30 days
Alumni 5 books 14 days Fee KRW 50,000 (2yrs)
Retired faculty member 10 books 14 days
Citizens 5 books 14 days Fee KRW 100,000 (1yr)

Book Borrowing

  • After presenting books to be borrowed to the loan desk, touch your mobile ID card (including student ID or other ID) to the Reader.
  • Books can be directly borrowed from the unmanned book lending machine, using a mobile ID card. (available only at libraries with unmanned book lending machines)
  • Theses(D) and serials cannot be borrowed. ( Reference books(R) can be borrowed for only one day.
  • For the number of borrowable books and loan period, aggregates are applied including the number of books borrowed from Hallim and Bumin Libraries, Law and Medical Branch Libraries.
  • For DVD materials, regardless of eligibility, a maximum of three pieces can be borrowed for two weeks

Book Renewal

  1. Website login
  2. My Library
  3. Borrow/Renew/Reservation
  4. Borrow and Renew (or make requests to the loan desk)
  • A loan can be renewed only once for a period equal to the first loan period.
  • The loan period is applied based on the renewal date.
  • The number of renewable books: same as the current number in force and reserved materials cannot be renewed.
  • When materials are overdue, borrowing and loan renewal are suspended.

Return and Overdue

  • Books can be returned to any of our libraries, i.e. Hallim and Bumin Libraries, Law and Medical Branch Libraries.
  • For overdue books, borrowing for a day per book is suspended.

Book reservation

  1. Website login
  2. Search Materials
  3. Detailed information
  4. Click on thereservation request
  • Only materials out on loan can be reserved, not including materials available for borrowing.
  • Three books can be reserved per person. .
  • The retention period for reserved books is three days and if they are not borrowed after three days, reservations are automatically cancelled.

Compensation for lost books

  • Lost books should be replaced with new ones as compensation.
  • If compensation cannot be made with identical books because they are out of print or for other reasons, compensation can be made with similar books after consultation with the loan desk.

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