Missing Book Request

Missing Book Request

Missing Book Request

  • It is a service that can be requested if books are in loanable state but cannot be found on bookshelves.
  • The relevant officer will identify whereabouts of books for what period, and inform you of the result.

How to apply

  1. Website login
  2. Search Materials
  3. Detailed information
  4. Click Report Missing Books
※ Materials already loaned or unable to loan cannot be requested.
※ Maximum1-2 weeks are required.
※ The notice is given about the results of material requests through the alarm service (or SMS) and e-mail

Confirmation of requested material processing status

  1. Website login
  2. My Library
  3. Requested materials

How to borrow requested materials

After checking the notice of arrival, requested materials can be borrowed at the library loan desk.
※Materials are stored for 3 days after the notice of arrival and will be automatically cancelled if they are not borrowed within the specific period.

Cases when books are lost

  • When returned books are ready to be rearranged on bookshelves
  • When other users are currently using the concerned books in the library
  • When other users put the books in other locations after reading
  • When it is unclear whether books are owned by the library

How to reduce missing books?

After browsing books, please bring them back to Book return stand or to the loan desk.

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