Mobile Seat Allocation

Mobile Seat Allocation

Mobile Seat Allocation

It is a service to allocate reading room seats by using the library mobile system(app.).

How to install the mobile system app.

Android App
Android type
iOS type

Search ‘Dong-A University Library’at Google Play Store

Search ‘Dong-A University Library’at App Store

How to use


① Use the same account as that for the library website (your library account or university portal system account)


Seat reservation
① Reading room reservation → Library selection → Reading room selection → Seat selection → Completion of reservations


After seats are issued, use reading rooms
Method 1. Choose “Reservation Certification” at the relevant reading room within 20 minutes after a seat reservation time to confirm your seat.
② Method 2. Scan your mobile ID card at the seat allocator in the library (KIOSK) within 20 minutes after your seat reservation time to confirm your seat.


Check on seats
① Reserved and issued seats can be checked at “My Seat” with a full history of seat use.


Extension and return of seats
① Can be done at “My Seat”
After using your seat, make sure to return it.


Setting preferred seats
① Setting → ② Setting preferred seats (Setting up to 3 is possible. )


  • Make sure to confirm your seat by certifying it after a reservation before using it.
  • Bluetooth must be turned on to communicate with the beacon in the reading room.

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