Overseas OCW/MOOC List

Overseas OCW/MOOC List

Overseas OCW/MOOC List

This is the list of OpenCourseWare and Massive Open Online Courses services provided overseas.


가로로 스크롤하여 내용을 볼 수 있습니다.
MIT ocw Shortcut Free online lecture service provided by MIT. Lectures recorded at MIT on energy, entrepreneurship and introductory programming are offered.
Saylor Shortcut Open lectures and academic materials are secured through SaylorOER. Professional groups including two professors and a doctoral course student for each lecture review their content. An agreement on academic credit recognition was signed with Excelsior College(2012).
Academic Earth Shortcut Made public by 25 universities including Yale, Stanford and UCLA. Integrated searches for regular online lectures from those 25 universities and learning support are provided.
YouTube EDU Shortcut Open lecture service provided through YouTube by 500 universities around the world including MIT, UCBerkeley and Stanford. The service began as part of Google’s higher educational resource service expansion, led by Google Scholar. It operates lecture-based sub-channels by subject including medicine, education and business.
TED Shortcut Lectures run by a US non-profit foundation under the slogan of “Ideas worth spreading.” Short lectures on a variety of subjects including technology, entertainment and design are provided.


가로로 스크롤하여 내용을 볼 수 있습니다.
Coursera Shortcut
  • The world’s largest MOOC service established in the US through partnership between Stanford and University of Michigan.
  • About 500 online lectures provided by 100 prestigious universities around the world are offered. KAIST joined the service in 2014.
edX Shortcut
  • Established by joint investment between MIT and Harvard Univ.
  • Seoul National University (SNUx) launched the service in 2013.
  • After the agreement was signed with Pearson VUE, certificates of lecture completion were made available (charged)
Merlot Shortcut
  • Free open online educational program in connection with California State University
  • e-portfolio, online curriculum design support
  • A variety of language service is provided by Google Translator.
  • Online lecture platform established through donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2008
  • Specialized in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, economics and history subjects
  • After an agreement with CollegeBoard, free SAT online lectures are provided. (2016)
Udacity Shortcut
  • Professor Sebastian Thrun of Stanford University and his colleagues established this free online university.
  • Specialized in computer science
  • Certificate for Accomplishment is provided in professor’s name.
Udemy Shortcut
  • A platform for lecturers to produce their own lectures in person is provided.
  • Charged/Free (Lecturers decide learning costs for subjects.)
Futurelearn Shortcut
  • Invested by 11 universities including University of Birmingham and University of Bristol, and Open University with more than 40 year experience in remote learning
  • A total of 40 universities and institutions participate (including Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University)
  • Specialized in the Humanities and, Social Science and Politics fields.
Iversity Shortcut
  • Online lecture based on EU countries
  • About 40 universities participate.
  • ECTS credits are issued (European institutions of higher education’s credit system).
Openuped Shortcut
  • Platform based on 11 European universities and EU nations
  • Lecture content in various languages is provided.
  • Lecture course guides are provided.
Linda.com Shortcut Practical training-focused lectures specialized in image design and IT are provided.
pluralsight Shortcut
  • Technical class is provided for professional software developers
  • Specialized in development and computer fields
Codecademy Shortcut
  • Practical training and test-focused lectures
  • Specialized in programming computer field
XuetangX Shortcut
  • Chinese version MOOC produced using the Open edX platform, based on Tsinghua University
  • Chinese language service is provided for all lectures.
JMOOC Shortcut
  • Owns three platforms of OUJ-MOOC(e-book), GACCO(streaming video) and Open Learning(streaming video)
  • Japanese language service is provided for all lectures.
GAA Shortcut
  • Began online lecture system service for Asian universities (2015)
  • Lectures are offered in about 20 Asian countries including Asia University inJapan, Bangkok University in Thailand, Shandong University in China, , Ho Chi Minh City University of Transportin Vietnam, and Orkhon University in Mongolia.

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