Since 1949
We Serve as the Information Hub of Dong-A University, and by Extension, Busan.
Dong-A University Library was established in the former 1st building of the College of Engineering (currently the College of Medicine building, Seokdang campus) in December, 1949. The Library launched its university library system in earnest, after the completion of the independent building of the central library (currently Seokdang Memorial Hall building) in December, 1957. Then, the second library (currently Hallim Library) opened on Seunghak campus, Handan-dong in August, 1981. The second library was changed to the central library, following relocation of the University headquarters in 1985.
During preparations for establishment of the College of Medicine and its affiliated hospital, a medical library was opened on Gudeok campus in March, 1988 and was reorganized into a Medical Branch Library in 1992. In February, 1994, after the database construction for the entire library catalog was completed, a full-fledged computerized library service was launched with shared utilization networks connecting many domestic institutions established. In 2012, Bumin Library was constructed in the newly completed International Center on Bumin campus, which was designed in an urban style. From then on, Dong-A University Library has been serving as the University’s bona fide knowledge hub, operating four libraries on three campuses.

Dong-A University Library, Not Only as a Learning Space but Also as a Cultural Space, Maintains the Strong Partnership with Citizens.

Our Library, with gross floor area of 13,xxx square meters, houses about 1.4 million books, with multi-faceted cultural spaces to support user learning, as well as various cultural activities. Hallim Library on Seunghak campus is currently going through remodeling of the 2nd floor to the 5th in 2021 to transform into an eco-friendly library. It is becoming not just a space for users seeking teaching and learning, but also an open space for them to conduct research freely with a variety of creative experiences. In particular, a newly created open-air garden has turned the Library into a more productive and open space for relaxation and healing.
Our Library is contributing to securing the University’s competitiveness as a main agent delivering services that meet the characteristics and requirements of our local community users, in addition to university members, by realizing the University’s educational philosophy of “Dongjwamundo” (meaning a teacher and students get together to ask and answer) under its educational policy of freedom, truth and justice.
We have Eco-friendly Hallim Library on the park-style Seunghak campus, Bumin and Law Branch Libraries on the urban-style Bumain campus and the Medical Branch Library on the medical Gudeok campus, with Seokdang Hamjinjae, an old book room, being operated separately. Each library houses collections corresponding to knowledge scope defined for each campus: Hallim Library in humanities, engineering and arts fields, and Bumin Library in social sciences. Especially, Bumin Library is maintaining its strong partnership with university members as well as citizens, as a multi-faceted cultural complex equipped with a museum, art gallery and large-scale auditorium called DAU Hall on campus. The Law Branch and Medical Branch Library house collections with specialized subjects including law and medicine, and provide customized library service for users.
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