Cyber Memorial Collection

Cyber Memorial Collection

Cyber Memorial Collection

  • These are donors who donated to our library 500 or more books which have been registered as our collection or materials worth KRW 5 million or more.
  • Click the donor’s name to check the entire list of donations.
  • There can be differences between the number of donated books and that of registered books.

Lilie, Hans69Volume
  • 독일 할레대학교  Martin-Luther-Halle-Wittenberg 대학교 법과대학 종신교수
  • 할레대학교 Franz-von-Listz 국제형사법연구소 소장
  • 할레대학교 의료법연구소 소장
  • 현재 할레지방법원 (LG Halle) 판사 겸직
  • 독한법률학회 회장 (2005 ~ 현재)

Donated books

Below are books donated and registered to our library or purchased with donation money.
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