Make sure to log off after using the site for your personal information protection.

If you cannot log-in with your student information system account

please change (initialize) your password in the student information system. Shortcut


  • For students, use same ID/PW used for the Student Information System.
  • For faculty/staff, use same ID/PW used for the Faculty/Staff Information System.
  • Loss of accounts
    • Students: Account check by student information system
    • Faculty/staff: Account check by faculty/staff information system
    • External users: Account check by loan desk visit with ID and telephone

Information on log-in and off-campus access

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox browsers are recommended.
  • If there is a login error, please delete cookies in browser. Shortcut
  • You cannot log-in on low-security browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 (including 9).
  • How to handle errors on Internet Explorer 10 or higher: Tools > Set Compatibility View > Add donga.ac.kr

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